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If you are looking for the best layering garment that fulfills all your requirements in winter than, the vests are perfect for that. These free crochet vest patterns are best for winter because these are comfortable, soft, and easy to wear. You can wear these crochet vet patterns on any outfit in winter. Moreover, you can wear them over a shirt or under a sweater easily. That’s why we have brought these all your favorite free crochet vest patterns that are completely free of cost for this winter. In addition, these crochet vest patterns are perfect because these are comfortable for winter and also for fall. Moreover, these vest patterns are beginner-friendly and they will learn more things about crocheting from these patterns. So, don’t waste your time in spare works and do crocheting, of these free crochet vest patterns.

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Single Square Granny Vest:

Single Square Granny Vest

This Single Square Granny Vest is the perfect crochet vest pattern if you want to achieve a wonderfully relaxed, retro vibes such as this pattern is full of bright colors. You can make this vest by using RED HEART Soft yarn and some basic crochet stitches. It will keep you warm and cozy definitely. You can use it as a gift to your friends. Click below for more information about this pattern.


Granny Motif Vest:

Granny Motif Vest

This is a very simple and classic crochet vest pattern that uses RED HEART Super Saver yarn and many basic crochet stitches. You can easily adjust it in many other sizes, as well. It will be a great source of warmness and coziness in the chiller days as well as it gives a stylish look to you. Color selection depends on your choice. Click below!


Crochet Fringe Vest:

Crochet Fringe Vest

Want to make a stylish vest for yourself with the addition of fringes then this Crochet Fringe Vest is the best option for you. It will be perfect for you when you want to increase the glamourous of your personality. This pattern uses RED HEART Soft yarn and blue color but you can replace the color according to your choice. Click below for more information about stitches that are used in this pattern.


Hairpin Lace Vest:

Hairpin Lace Vest

This is a gorgeous crochet Hairpin Lace Vest with half sleeves and uses sky blue color in it. It is worked in a solid color so you don’t have to worry about color changing like you can change the color according to your choice. This pretty vest uses a series of crochet stitches that contain single, double and other. This free crochet vest pattern will prove the best part of your dress when you want to go for a party or in any official meeting. Click below for more information about yarn.


Four Square Retro Vest:

Four Square Retro Vest

Here is one more Four Square Retro Vest crochet pattern. The main quality of this vest that it is customizable such as you can make this for all like for your kids as well as for your friends. This pattern worked in with RED HEART Sofa yarn with a large hook and a very gorgeous and granny square design. The shaping is simple and the pattern works for a range of ages. You can use it as a gift to your friends. Click below for more information.


Lovely Lace Vest:

Lovely Lace Vest

This Lovely Lace vest is a great crochet item to add to your closet. Perfect for a summer work outfit, wear it over anything it is enough for you when you want to gain a stylish look. This pattern uses AUNT LYDIA’S Iced Bamboo yarn. This is the work of an experienced crocheter. It uses a series of crochet stitches that contain single, double and other basic crochet stitches. Click below and collect more information about it.


Cozy No Seam Vest:

 Cozy No Seam Vest

If you are interested in an asymmetrical layer outfit, this crochet Cozy No Seam vest with RED HEART® Soft would be a cool project to try. You can wear this cute vest in the chiller days when you want to gain some coziness and warmness. In conclusion, you can wear this fabulous vest on any shirt as a double layering garment. Moreover, click below for more information about the stitches and others.



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