Free Crochet Rainbow Patterns That Bring Colors In Your Life

Rainbow is one of these things which are usually liked by almost all persons. You can’t see a rainbow for a long time but you can crochet patterns in full of rainbow colors in addition to this, you can use these easy and free crochet rainbow patterns. The hats can be crocheted in rainbow colors that can really increase the cuteness of your baby. These crochet patterns are made using waste pieces of different color yarns, in this way it will save your pocket also. The rainbow patterns are really liked by babies as well as young and adult ones also. You will get the hat, amigurumi, blanket throw crochet rainbow patterns here free of cost. You can use these patterns to add crocheted models to your home decoration. If you found any difficulty during the making of these crochet rainbow patterns then, links are available with each pattern.

Do you want to crochet in rainbow style? Here is the perfect collection of free crochet rainbow patterns available for you. Information about beautiful and easy free crochet rainbow patterns are provided in the below links.

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Free Crochet Rainbow Crochet Hat Pattern:

Rainbow Crochet Hat

A stylish and colorful rainbow crochet hat will be perfect for your child in winter. The ear flaps add a lot to the beauty of this crochet hat in addition to this cap is best to keep your child’s head warmth. Moreover, the softness of this hat will be so comfortable for your infants. The caron simply soft yarn and crochet hooks are used in this crochet pattern. Meanwhile, you can get complete information by clicking the below link.


Free Crochet Southwestern Rainbow Throw Pattern:

Southwestern Rainbow Throw

The southwestern rainbow throw crochet pattern is an impressive addition to your home’s decor. This crochet pattern is fabulous to practice for beginner crocheters. This beautiful crochet pattern used the red heart super saver yarn and crochet hooks. This crochet pattern is quite fun and easy to craft. Moreover, you can find further information with a single click on the below link.


Chasing Rainbows Hat:

Chasing Rainbows Hat

The chasing rainbows hat pattern is a beautiful crochet hat pattern, especially for your baby. This pattern is quite interesting because of the different color combinations used in it. This beautiful hat pattern uses Caron simply soft yarn and crochet hooks. The blue-bordered outline and colorful pompom at the top of this hat pattern are so cute and attractive. You can click on the below link to get more information about this crochet hat pattern.


C2c Rainbow Blanket Free Crochet Pattern:

C2c Rainbow Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Wanna use the wasted yarn pieces to make something useful, this c2c rainbow blanket crochet pattern will be perfect for you. If you are some familiar to corner-to-corner crochet pattern you will definitely know how quick and easy to make is this pattern. To make this beautiful pattern all you need is Red heart super saver solids yarn and (J) sized crochet hook. After that, if you still have some confusion you can find complete information with just a single click on the below link.


Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn Pattern:

Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn Pattern

A perfect gift for your baby in addition to all of your love and care will be this rainbow cuddles unicorn crochet pattern. Making this beautiful crochet pattern is very interesting for crochet lovers. Moreover, you can also make this to gift your friend’s baby. This crochet pattern’s making required Red heart super saver yarn and crochet hooks. However, you can get useful information about this beautiful pattern from the below link.



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